2. Two Worlds

We live in two different worlds.
There is an outer world around us.
There is an inner world within of us
These two worlds give us two different realities of life.

In one world we experience an outer life.
Here we interact with others, work hard,
enter into relationships, fall in love.
In this world life is mostly lived in community with others

We know this world very well.

Our second world is very different.
This is our inner world.
There are deep levels in our inner world.
These deep levels expand our understanding of reality. Here we explore who we are and the mysteries of the universe.

Between these two worlds is our Personal Realm. This is where we hang out with ourself. What makes us happy?
What do we want to do with our life? What do we want to change?

Our two worlds are intended to be aligned. Each world is intended to enrich the other. Sadly, this is not true for most of us.

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