7. Humanity’s Dilemma

2. Two worlds

3. Consciousness

4. Personal Realm

5. Mindset matrix

6. Head & heart

7. Humanity’s dilemma

The Distortion of Our Consciousness

Our Head and Heart Are Out of Balance

Our two worlds need to be Balanced.

Our two worlds—inner and outer—need to be aligned and balanced. Each world has the potential to enrich the other.
The outer world gives us the experience of duality.
The inner world gives us the experience of oneness.

But as we know, this is not what most of us experience.
Right now, we lack the capacity to fully feel the inner world We turn to technology to solve our problems.

Buy our most serious problems are not technical, they are interpersonal. Technology cannot help us with these.

Einstein is correct:

We cannot solve our problems with the same consciousness that created these problems. We will need to expand our consciousness and fully embrace both worlds.

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